Throughout my professional career, I have consistently pursued my passion for art, design, and creativity across various fields. While I have enjoyed working in these areas, I have also developed a keen interest in social enterprise and charitable work, which has led me to take on the role of Studio Manager at a wood workshop in Spitalfields, where I teach an NVQ qualification in product design and development to adults with learning disabilities.
As a design studio manager, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the workshop, ensuring that our team receives high-quality instruction, and that our clients' expectations are met. I am committed to providing a platform that empowers our team to engage, explore and learn, enabling them to create meaningful connections in an inclusive environment extending beyond the workshop.
My professional journey began with my studies in Product Design at Central St Martins, followed by working as a designer for a busy London design agency while freelancing for myself and other major clients. Since then, I have continued my professional development, achieving two post-graduate design degrees and gaining qualified teacher status.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we took our teaching platform online and broadcast on Zoom and YouTube, enabling us to continue providing our team with a quality education. As an additional and independent major project during the lockdown, I played a crucial role in developing a 200-episode online international arts e-learning platform for children which is now completed to be released very soon.
Beyond my work in design studio management and education, I maintain an active interest in the creative industry and social science and I attend seminars and debates on various design-related issues to stay up to date with best practices. I am a confident and collaborative team player, and my other parallel career in event production has honed my skills in idea generation, organisation, stage management, and event coordination. I have freelanced for major events such as The London Design Festival, Salone del Mobile in Milan and I am the night manager of one of the areas at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts.
I am deeply involved with ecology and the environment and have developed a scheme of work on sustainability, which I have taught to various secondary school design classes. My love for The Arts is complemented by my passion for the outdoors, which includes activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, camping, winter sports, and nature exploration. I live in central London and am excited about always exploring new opportunities to apply my skills and passion for design, education, and the arts to make a meaningful impact in whatever way I can.
English Arts Educational Voice Actor 
2020 – 2023
I have recently had the opportunity to work with an innovative online international arts e-learning platform focused on providing education and entertainment to children. The team behind the platform approached me to serve as the English-language voice actor for their courses, after discovering me presenting art educational videos on YouTube. Over the course of our collaboration, we produced 200 episodes spanning a wide range of art and creative categories, from stop motion animation to surrealism and beyond. The platform is being launched in April 2023.
Poetry in Wood CIO 1192814
2019 – 2023
I am currently working as the Design Studio Manager at Poetry in Wood, a small charity and creative hub that provides a person-centred learning environment for individuals with learning disabilities. In this role, I oversee a team of 35 members in our training workshop and design studio pursuing an NVQ qualification in product design and development. Our objective is to promote a sense of independence and empowerment within our team members by facilitating their active engagement with the wider community through education and work.
Senior Designer

I work as a freelance furniture, product, lighting graphic design, packaging and home accessory designer. My design studio has the pivotal role of understanding a client’s expectations and needs and applying to these my knowledge of unique manufacturing capabilities. My strength lies in the ability to engage and satisfy the needs of specific briefs, understanding market trends and creating successful design solutions and strategies specifically tailored to each client. I have many English, European and American clients including Conran Shop, Heals, Marks and Spencer, Tom Dixon, Crate and Barrel and CB2. I am responsible for producing high quality drawing sand presentations for clients and CAD drawings for factories; completing many projects per week. I have also always worked on a freelance basis sourcing contacts from my wide professional network. My freelance client list includes Samsung, Frog Design, Philips and Seagate.
Freelance Design Event Production
I have been working for designersblock on a freelance basis since the company started in 1997. We have produced independent design shown for the London Design Festival, Salone Del mobile in Milan, Tokyo, Seoul and Frankfurt. We support 1000's of new international designers and universities, and whilst working for designersblock with students I became passionate about teaching. I work as a consultant during the shows themselves and I am part of the hands-on team that create and build the live environment working directly with the exhibitors and students to see that the visions of the creative teams involved get realistically interpreted and created, to enable the best experiences for everyone.
Teaching and Other Creative Endeavours
I also work in event production and stage management for live music and festivals such as Latitude Arts and Music Festival, Secret Cinema and I am the night manager of Shangri La, a 24-Hour area at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. I really enjoy the moment of creativity and I work in film continuity for short films and videos. Following my passion for teaching and learning I recently studied a PGCE with Masters credits in Design Technology so I hope to begin teaching Digital Fabrication, Systems, Electronics, Robotics and Product design to younger generations.
Personal Interests
I am a keen outdoors man with enthusiasm for cycling, swimming, walking, camping and winter sports. I live in London but spend time on trips away and adventure activities. Design has become entwined with my life and a few years ago I was part of a team of furniture makers who went with an annex of the London Design Festival to the woods of Hereford to do a project called 'Bodging Milano'. We went traditional and each made a different chair without electricity using only hand tools for an exhibition on the South Bank as part of the festival. I would be keen to create cross curricular design activities as I am passionate about many creative fields from theatre, music, performance as well as design. I have experience in event and stage management that I would love to bring these passions to any employment.
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